E-Cig Liquid: The Art of Vaping

eliquidddE-cig liquid, also known just as e-liquid/juice, is a special mixture formulated to be used in conjunction with certain kinda of electronic cigarette devices. While some e-cigs use a disposable cartridge that can be screwed on and off, other kind used this special e-liquid which can be refilled numerous times. Either one of these options do contain an e-liquid. The preference is all up to you. The liquid comes in an immense variety of flavors that can be customized to your liking.

The e-liquid is a simple solution that contains three components. The first being nicotine. This stimulant in e-liquid is natural nicotine produced by stripping tobacco leaves. The process in which the nicotine is stripped and distilled produces the highest quality and purity to be used for these particular liquid solutions. The second additive in e-liquid is the flavoring. This component can be diluted or concentrated, depending on the desired taste and strength that you are looking for. The liquid comes in a wide array of flavors, giving one endless possibilities to choose from. Flavors can be mixed together as well to create a complex flavor. For example, rather than just choosing a banana flavored e-liquid, you can upgrade to strawberry-banana or chocolate banana smoothie. The combinations are infinite. The last ingredient is the diluent. The function of this ingredient is to dilute the nicotine and flavoring to the desired strength. It also is the part of solution that produces a physical vapor, and allows the solution to travel from the cartridge/well of the e-cigarette to the user’s mouth.

The strength of the liquid can be customized, but it essentially refers to how much nicotine is contained within a set volume of the liquid. The basic measure to determine this is milligram of nicotine per milliliter of total fluid (mg/ml). This measurement was created in comparison to the amount of nicotine in conventional cigarettes. For example, a pack of cigarettes contains approximately 36mg of nicotine. In comparison, if an e-liquid contains 18 mg/ml of nicotine, and you vape one milliliter of the liquid, it is the equivalent to smoking approximately ten conventional cigarettes, although the type of nicotine processed by e-cigarettes is not the same type gained from actually smoking. If you are used to smoking “a pack a day”, then research shows that 18 mg/ml e-liquid is probably a suitable strength for you start vaping with. Heavier smokers may find that a stronger strength (24 or 36 mg/ml) is more satisfying, while occasional smokes may start with 10 mg/ml. The newest trend is also an e-liquid that does not contain any nicotine at all by volume, but is basically a mixture of flavor concentrate and and dilution components.

There are so many customizable features of electronic cigarettes, and the e-liquid allows you to add a personal touch flavor and nicotine. The choice is all yours.

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